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From a WO Bentley, Aston Martin or simply a humble Mini, we have the expertise to service or repair your vehicle. Be it a full service, brake overhaul or fitment of a bullet proof shield on a DB5 Aston Martin (our shield is still working after 25 years of continuous use), we will more than meet your expectations.


  • Full Service Charge (excluding parts) £299.97
  • Brake Fluid Service (complete change of brake fluid) £25.00
  • Power Steering Fluid Service £69.99
  • FISC (fuel injection system 3 part cleaner) £35.00
  • Fuel Injection Flush £69.99

Air Conditioning

Aircon vents

For all your air conditioning needs here in Jersey, please look no further.

Working with our partner, Motorclimate, we can re-gas your system from as little as £75.00

For smells emanating from your air conditioning system (the bacteria behind these smells can cause nausea and discomfort especially in children) we use an ultrasonic nebuliser. This procedure will also remove dog odours from your vehicle alongside other unsavoury smells.

The cost is £45.00 per treatment and should be carried out once a year preferably at the start of the summer.


NEW Air Conditioning Pipe Repairs

Image of aircon pipe tools Image of airon crimping tools

We are very pleased to offer air conditioning pipe repairs with our brand new equipment. This can save a lot of expense, as sections of pipe can be repaired rather than replaced completely. The equipment can also be used for fuel, power steering and transmission hoses.


Jeep/Chrysler DRBII diagnostics toolDiagnostics

We carry a large range of dealer-level diagnostic equipment covering a huge number of makes and models, including rare marques like TVR and unusual applications such as MGF power assisted steering. Please get in touch to see if we have diagnostic capability for your vehicle.


Windscreen/Wiper Repair

We are one of the only places on Jersey to offer windscreen repairs and polishing.

  • Repair 1 stonechip £69.99
  • Windscreen Wiper Damage (Charged Hourly) £69.99

Key Coding

We are able to carry out key and fob coding on the majorority of modern vehicles. This is normally an expensive dealer-only job, but our state of the art equipment allows us to provide you with this service at a much-reduced price.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we have capability of producing a key for appoximately 80% of the vehicles on our roads to-day, some manufacturers such as BMW etc will not release the transponder codes to allow for the re-programming of their transponder keys. Information may not be available via manufacturers dealers on certain models, specific model years, and even different types of ECU that may have been fitted in the same year in the same models.

Specialist Tools for Jaguar Cars

Image of Jaguar XK8

Jaguar XJ8 and XK8 Timing Chain Tensioner Problems

Cars here in Jersey tend to do less mileage than their UK counterparts, nor do they experience extended long motorway journeys as in Europe and the UK.

It seems that the above models are now experiencing failing timing chain tensioners, whereas the faults manifested earlier in the UK vehicles.

If ignored there is a great danger of complete engine failure or at best, the camshafts jumping a tooth with dire consequences to the valve train and possible piston and bore damage to the engine.

The good news is that cars from 2003 onwards fitted with the 4.2 litre engine are virtually indestructible due to the re-design of the valve train tensioners.

We can check your valve train and if deemed necessary install the later improved design of tensioners and chains to the earlier cars (1996-2002)

We are equipped with all the special Jaguar Tools for the above repair.

We hold the specialist tools for carrying out front hub removal (wheel bearing replacement etc.) on the later Jaguar model range.

Image showing vehicle with crane for wheelchair

Mobility Aids

Here in Jersey there is no one but ourselves who has the confidence and ability to under take modifications to vehicles for the disabled. Historically people have had to take their vehicles to the UK for specialist work to be carried out.

Having established contacts with some of the major suppliers of wheel chair hoists, hand control systems and items like left foot operation throttles, we can now undertake this type of work.


More Specialist Services

  • Steering Rack, Box, Pump & Automatic G/Box Overhauls, Repairs etc.
  • Balco Wheel Balancing - Wheel Balancing for Vintage Cars (Spoked Wheels)
  • Engine Diagnostics Flight Recording, Printed Wave Form Patterns etc
  • TVR Sales & Service Specialists
  • Search Specialists - Unique Vehicle Spares & Information
  • Electrical Work - Car Phone Installation, Hi-Fi Sales & Installation
  • Power Steering Flush system to remove old PAS fluid
  • Vehicle pre checks and advice given for Single Vehicle Approval Inspection. General advice given when dealing with DVSD.
  • Chrysler & Jeep Specialists using Factory Diagnostic DRBIII Tool, including Jeep heater flap failure at 1/2 the cost of main dealer repair.


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