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We offer a wide selection of aftermarket addons and accessories. Please read on to find out more.

CARCOON Car & Bike Storage Capsules

image of Carcoon

Vast amounts of money, time and effort are expended on our cars. We know exactly what model we want to buy. We save long and hard to obtain the best possible example. But what do we do about storing our INVESTMENT? Apart from asking "Will it fit in the Garage". We give little thought to the welfare of one of our most valued and cherished possessions. It is left for long periods undisturbed in a musty and damp environment. Exactly the conditions where rust, corrosion and mildew thrive. Our investment is at risk. The answer however is at hand in the form of an CARCOON car storage capsule purchased from HUDSON MOTOR COMPANY.


Image of car keys

Alarms, Keys and Remotes

Image of Garmin sat nav
Image of iDrive iPod dock
  • Sigma Car Security Vehicle Alarm System to Thatcham Specification.
  • Remote alarm key fobs supplied for different alarm manufacturers (Cobra etc)
  • Garage door remote control fobs supplied (approx' 1/2 price of local suppliers)
  • TOAD Remote Control Central Locking Kits (Plug-ins for key central locking)
  • Lost Car Keys - we can re-code keys without the need for the "master" key. (one working key needed)
  • Key Cloning Sevice (can be much cheaper and less complicated than using the vehicle on board diagnostic socket)

Speed & Safety Camera Detection

Sat Nav & In Car Entertainment


Recent improved technology in portable satellite navigation has given rise to some fabulous products from the Garmin Range. Little call is now made for installed fixed navigational units.

Please feel free to call for a demonstration and current price of the latest Garmin products.

Bluetooth allows you to use your Navigator as a hands free phone kit with features such as phone book, phone home & voice activation.



  • Multi Media DVD with Head Rest Screens £POA


The ' Made for iPod ' in-car solution for integrating the Apple iPod MP3 Player with your car stereo system. This is achieved by the unique design of a single cradle with a number of inserts to accommodate any size of iPod.

Other Products

  • ATP Electronics Engine Control Modules, Ignition Amplifiers etc.
  • Mobility Aids supplied & fitted from wheel chair hoists to left hand foot throttles
  • Augmentation of all vehicle systems and components

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